10 Best Cleaning Tips for a Spotless House 20:04 08/10/2015

Top 10 cleaning tips

Keeping your house clean can often seem like an uphill struggle. Every time you clean up a table or another surface, dust settles in after a while. Or, you might have been trying to get a stain out of the floor but to no avail. Nobody minds living in a clean house, but the reason why so many people shy away from cleaning is because of all the hassle. Most people don’t really take an effective approach to cleaning. Rather than utilize their time efficiently and clean everything properly, they just start cleaning in a haphazard manner. Here at Fairy Cleaners Cardiff we take a different approach, here are some top tips.

As a result, they often leave stains and spots behind. Ultimately, even the house looks clean; it doesn’t take very long for the dust to settle in and the stains to reappear. Here are the 10 best cleaning tips that will help you make your house absolutely spotless:

1. Cleaning the Stove

The kitchen is often the dirtiest place in the house. That’s simply because of all the grease and grime that gets accumulated in the kitchen due to the stove. With the passage of time, grease accumulates around the stove. Grease is sticky and very difficult to get rid of. Many people use very strong cleaners in order to remove the stains in order to remove the stains on their stove. However, in many cases, the chemicals mixed in the cleaners can even damage the color of the stove.

Use a steel sponge and put some cleaner on it. If you permanently want to remove the stains, make sure you clean it by making circular motions. By making circular motions, you will remove the grease without damaging the surface. Steel sponges are hard, and will cut through the grease without damaging your stove.

2. Heat the Sponge in a Microwave

Cleaning the stove is easy since you are using a steel sponge. However, you can’t use the same sponge for cleaning the kitchen counters. Instead, you need a soft sponge to get the job done. Using the standard sponge is difficult for most people, because it doesn’t cut through the grease and dirt effectively. Take a slightly damp sponge and put it in the microwave for at least 30 seconds. It should be considerably hot when you take it out. Put on rubber gloves, spray the cleaner and start cleaning. Let the magic unfold before your eyes!

3. Use Water Repellant on Doors

Cleaning the doors is a major problem for many people. How do you keep the doors spick and span at all times? Most doors are made of wood. If a water droplet is left on the door for a longer period of time, it usually turns in to a permanent stain after a while. Rather than polishing the door all over again, it is a wise idea to use a water repellent on the doors.

4. Use an Advanced Cleaner

Mops and buckets are old school now. Rather than spend hours scrubbing at the floors with a mop and a bucket, you should seriously consider using an advanced technological cleaner. There are plenty of commercial products available, such as the Swiffer Sweeper products. By just paying a small price, you could get a fantastic cleaning device like the Wet Jet to help you considerably. Not only will you save plenty of time while cleaning the floors, but you won’t be using as much water or energy too.

5. Close All Windows

Many people leave their windows open throughout the day. This not only lets in dust and other harmful particles, but it also invites tiny insects in the house too. You could prevent a lot of dust from coming in by simply closing all the windows throughout the day.

6. Start With The Most Difficult Section First

The kitchen is often the dirtiest place in the house. The bedrooms are easy to clean, because all you have to do is change the sheets and clean the floors. However, the kitchen wash basins are often dirtier than your toilet! That is why you need to use a lot of disinfectant and clean the whole place properly. Before you lose energy, it’s recommended that you start with cleaning the dirtiest place in the house.

7. Make a Checklist

Many people don’t create a checklist before they start cleaning. That’s a bad thing to do. Creating a checklist will give you direction because you will know what has been done and what’s left. Making a checklist about all the stuff that requires cleaning is a great idea if you want to breeze through your cleaning. Placing a tick after every heading is always satisfying!

8. Cleaning the Windows

Many people have difficulty in cleaning their windows. Rather than waste your money on expensive cleaners, the first thing that you should do is buy a microfiber cloth. The ultrafine threads in a microfiber cloth will keep your windows clean, without causing any undue scratches. You don’t even need a strong cleaner when using a microfiber cloth. Most stains can be removed with water only, so try that before you think about using any cleaner.

9. Cleaning the Tiles

Cleaning the floor tiles can be a difficult problem because dirt often gets lodged in between the small lines that separate each tile. This dirt is very hard to get rid of. However, try using a mop with harder bristles in order to dislodge the dirt. While using the brush, try not to scrub too hard. You will only end up damaging the tiles. Try to direct the brush in a singular pattern in order to remove the dirt completely.

10. Take Your Time

Many people often hurry when it comes to cleaning their house. Rather than try to rush through the cleaning, you should always take your time. Make sure you do the job properly. There’s no point in doing the job half-heartedly. Properly clean each and every surface in the house. Once done, take a moment to admire your handiwork.

We hope this article gives you some great tips and hints on how to clean, if you just simply don’t have the time you can always book a cleaning fairy.